Hi again! Here I am, again with a blogpost about Poland but this time it’s about the second part of our trip in Poland! Yeay! In this part of the trip we stayed in Kraków for a few days and visited al kinds of places near Kraków, among which was the famous saltmine and the concentrationcamp Auschwitz. 

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POLAND PRT I : Warschau

Hi there! I recently got back from an amazing trip! 5 days Poland with 5 of my friends and it was freezing cold (literally though, the average temperature was around -2°C) but really amazing. We just kept on walking and sightseeing in the cold and thank god for take-away coffee that kept us warm! 

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Hola! Since I don’t have any very recent citytrips to talk about I’ll just share my ‘older’ ones. In the month September I went to Madrid, for a few days, with my father. And boy, did we walk a thousand miles!

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Praha or Prague. I absolutely adore this city! It’s such an authentic and beautiful place to be. The combination of the older buildings and the pleasant atmosphere create a feeling that you’ve known this city for ages.

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