About me


I’m Gwen, a Belgian student in Communication Management, a wine lover (rosé all the way), sushi-addict and chocoholic.
So basicaly a 19-year old girl who likes to spend her days travelling, taking photos, drinking wine, and eating good (vegetarian/vegan) food while having fun!

Oh so spoiler alert: this blog will be a combination of beautiful places (+ pictures and tips), hotspots where you can find yummy (vegetarian/vegan) food and my own tips/tricks for (vegetarian) food!


But surprise, surprise I do have other hobbies, besides travelling and eating!
I love reading, drawing, watching movies/series/documentaries, the Chiro (a youth-movement) and learning new things such as new languages, cultures, etc..


Where does that name, green been, come from you may ask?greenbeen
Well, late night thoughts actually. I was lying in my bed thinking about a name I could give to this blog.
It’s a transformation of ‘green bean’, you know, food (again).
But I transformed it to green bEEn, as in places I’ve been to!

Anyway welcome to my blog and I hope you’ll like it here! 😊
You can also follow me on Instagram, where I’ll be posting some pictures from my trips.


You have found a massive spelling error or you want to collaborate with me or you just want to say hi? Contact me via: gwen.bogaert@hotmail.com