Hi there!

Oh how time flies! It seems like the schoolyear only just started and yet here I am, one semester away from graduating and behind my desk.
Writing about the adventures from my schooltrip to New York. By the way: how cool is that? Going on a schooltrip, to New freaking York?
Hell yeah to my university college for that!

First things first, on the blog it probably looks like I vanished into thin air. Well sorry for that, I just (kinda) forgot I had a blog. Oops..
But anyway, back to New York!


Visiting and visits

Since we went to New York with school we had certain obligations. We had a schedule, which was a combination of company visits and culture visits. But hey, I enjoyed the trip and the chance we got to visit New freaking York. With my class.

Sooo.. I actually thought eating vegan/veggie in a big city as New York would’ve been easy but it’s not. Or not really.
In some places you have a great meatless option (I mean, Shake Shack has a mushroom/cheese burger which is heaven on a plate) or at other places (I’m looking at you Five Guys) I wanted to eat a burger but ended up with only vegetables between the buns (which tasted good, but I expected a little bit more).

Anyway, we did some cliché touristy stuff such as the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Ground Zero, etc – those things were cool to see and do but again, quite touristy.

We went to the Empire State Building when it was already dark so we got to see the city when it was lit up. And we went to the Rockerfeller center in the afternoon,  then we got to see the city in daylight. Both were nice to see and I had the feeling I could walk around for hours at the top of those two buildings.

On saturday we were free to go and do what we liked, so me and some friends decided to visit the MET and take a stroll in Central Park. The MET was awesome, we walked around for hours!


Afterwards we went for a walk in Central Park! We only did half of it since it was freezing cold and we were on a schedule. IMG_1820.jpg

On one of the days we went to Brooklyn with a guided tour. Brooklyn is probably one of my favourite parts of New York?
There’s so much creativity there, in the stores, on the buildings. Everywhere you look there’s some kind of beautiful graffiti.

We went when it was really cold, raining/snowing but I bet Brooklyn is even more fun to visit in spring/summer! Guess I’ll have to come back in the summer, right?


– Gwen



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