Since I’m going to do my internship in Antwerp I have to go there a few time times to meet up with my mentor from my internship. That is of course the ideal excuse to discover cool places.
This time a lovely little foodspot in Antwerp, enjoy! 


It all began with the flowers.

I’m a sucker for plants and I can guarantee you, if a coffeeshop’s interiour has a few plants in it: I will love it (even more). Add vegan/vegetarian options on the menu and I’m head over heels.


The staff was very friendly and I chose ‘the soup of the day + bread’ + an orange/ginger home made iced tea. And enjoyed my meal while doing some schoolwork.
I still have to give the sweets a try (gosh, they had some very good looking cheesecakes and brownies) so I guess I will have to come back, huh?

If you happen to be in Antwerp, do visit TINSEL. It’s very lovely and really worth a visit!
You’ll find TINSEL at Vlaamsekaai 40.
What’s your favourite thing about coffeeshops? The thing I like the most is the atmosphere and the plants. Oh and the coffee of course!



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