Hi again!

6 days in the Algarve region in Portugal left me with much to write about. So here it is, the second part about my trip through the Algarve! In my first post about my trip I’ve written about the most beautiful coastline and cliffs you can find in Algarve. This one is about the prettiest cities there are to find and how to find them. 


On our last whole day we went to visit the oh so famous market in Loulé, on of the bigger cities we’ve visited. Upon entering Loulé you also see a quite famous and ‘large’ gypsy-market, don’t come to Loulé for this market. It wasn’t that special nor interesting.

The streetmarket, in the citycentre is more interesting!
The streets that lead towards the citycentre and the market were covered with white cloths. This gave the little shoppingstreet a nice look and it was fun to stroll in.
Once at the market we soon discovered that they sell almost everything there and at a very good price! I bought a lovely rotan bag (and my mother told me that is a speciality from Portugal) and a bunch of raspberries.
500 grams for 1 euro? Come to mama!



Lagos, most famous for its beaches and cliffs (as described in my previous post about Algarve) has a old historic city centre. If you’re in need of escaping the crowded boulevard or beaches just walk into one of the many steep streets and get lost in the old city centre of Lagos.


When walking in Albufeira it made me think of the insta-famous Greek town ‘Santorini’. In the citycentre we saw a lot of white coloured buildings and streets. Altough it’s a bit more tourist than the other cities I did like it there. But we didn’t stay long here, we just walked around and enjoyed the view.



Silves was next to the city we were staying at (São Bartolomeu de Messines). We wanted to eat something in the evening we just went here. As all the other examples I have given this city is a gem to walk in. Small steep streets with as many turns as cafés (a lot) and a big castle on top of the hill!

As the days are getting colder here I’m wishing I could go back again to the hot summerdays in these wonderfull cities…

What’s your favourite place to go to a market to?
For now I’m stuck between Brussels, Berlin or Loulé!





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