Hi guys!

So I might have travelled quite a bit the past few weeks, but one of the most exciting trips I’ve had was this one! I’ve waiting a few months for this trip to happen and it was so much fun to do! Together with two friends I’ve booked a trip via!

SRPRS.ME? is a traveling agency who offers you to choose your destination! So you don’t have to worry about choosing a good destination and not having troubles preparing your journey. They do it all for you.

They have multiple themes. So together with my two friends I’ve chosen the theme ‘Broke’. Which we kind of are, so the less money we spend while travellling the better it seemed. We booked our trip, received a confirmation email and simply had to wait for the rest of the information about our upcoming trip to come.



One week before departure we received extra information such as the weather forecast and at the time we had to be present at the airport. We also received  a scratchcard (by mail) and in a black envelope our boardingpasses. How exciting!

We arrived at the airport and started scratching!

3..2..1.. We’re going to Budapest!
Oh my god, this is going to be so much fun!
(bad luck here: all three of us already’ve been to Budapest, but none the less it would be a fun trip!)



So about Budapest: if you have never been there, go! It is a beautiful city with a lot of things to see, visit and do!

The parliament of Budapest is one of the main attractions of Budapest and a very beautiful building. Come by day and it’s full of tourists, but if you come by dusk/night time the building is illuminated in a very impressive way (and there is almost no one there at that time)!

Also on top of the hill in Pest there’s a statue. You can see this Liberty Statue from far away.
But what some people don’t know is that you can follow a trail up the hill, which leads you to the Liberty Statue and it’s magnificant view.
To find the trail leading up the hill: you take the Elisabeth Bridge to Pest and then right in front of you you can see some stairs. Just follow the stairs and go mostly to the right and you’ll soon notice you’re climbing up the hill towards the Liberty Statue!


And one thing that you really should visit is: Szimpla kert. I did not take any pictures there since we were going out that night and I didn’t take my camera with me but: it’s so beautiful in it’s own, ruin-pub-style! Here you can enjoy a drink and sit back in one of the coolest ruinpubs in Budapest!
And next to Szimpla kert there is also a ‘street food karavan, where you can find great foods for a good price, all in the atmosphere of being at a foodtruck festival.
You can find Szimpla kert & the street food karavan at: Kazinczy utca, Budapest.

Thank you so much for the wonderfull experience! It was awesome!
Would you book a trip via Why so?




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