Hey y’all!

After one month of working at my summerjob it was time for some fun! Together with my parents and my sister I went to Berlin for 3 days. It had been a year (or two) since I’ve been to Berlin for the first time.
I’ve always loved Berlin, since it’s kind of a veggie-walhalla with its many vegetarian restaurants and this city is bursting with energy and trends. 


We stayed at the Abion hotel in Moabit and had a wonderful view at the river! The Abion hotel used to be a old milkfactory. And therefore located in a wonderfull buidling. Plus it has a bio-market/shop next to it. Yeay for the yummy vegan chocolate next door!


We’re a family that loves eating and good food. We’d agreed that every night someone could choose a restaurant to eat at. What we had chosen:

  • Kartoffelkeller
    For the love of potatoes!
    This was my sister her choice. Here you can find all sort of dishes with potato as the main ingredient! I’ve eaten (ofcourse a vegetarian) dish with spinach, cheese and potato (they had me at spinach + cheese and it was really good).
    You can find the kartoffelkeller at: Albrechtstraße 14B, 10117 Berlin.
  • Kamala
    For the love of thai food!
    This one was my choice. I once got the tip from a friend of mine that this was a very good place to eat thai food in Berlin.  And I’m planning to eat here everytime I visit Berlin!
    You can find Kamala at:Oranienburger Str. 69, 10117 Berlin.

And oops guilty: a cheap but good chinese take-away shop at a metro stop..



Well.. Berlin is a very big city and you can do/see a lot in (and around) it. During our stay we visited the old olympic stadium, walked around the city, shopped a bit, etc.



I’ve visited the museum together with my mother and we both feel it’s a very interesting building to be in. The position, height, walls, rooms, corners and angles of the buidling were designed all with a meaning and explanation which makes your visit worth so much more.
+ If you would like to visit the museum I would recommend it! Altough once you get to the other levels it’s more about the jewish culture in general, so I liked the ‘ground level’ the most and certainly the outdoor ‘garden‘.
Tip: if you’re still studying make sure to take your student card with you. You can get a student discount!


Of course when Berlin is mentioned, one automatically thinks of all the vintage shops and markets (or at least, that’s what I think of when I hear Berlin).
During our stay we visited one of the biggest (and most crowdy) vintage/thrift-markets I have ever seen. I didn’t really take photo’s there since I was too busy spotting all the lovely oversized jeansjackets, sunglasses and totebags.
It is a true hipsterparadise.
If you want to visit this hipsterparadise, vintage/thriftmarket go to the Mauerpark and then just kind of follow the crowd. There are lots of things to see and do there, so keep your eyes out and enjoy!
Berlin was, as I expected it to be, amazing and I’m already looking forward to going back! What’s your favourite thing about Berlin?



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