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Since my exams ended it appears that I’ve done nothing more than prepare, buy and eat good food. And that is exactly the kind of life I wanted to have! #goals
While on the plane to Lisbon  we were talking about how much we loved to have a brunch for the first time in our life.

So upon waking up during our first morning in Lisbon we were searching for a perfect place to have a quick breakfast when suddenly Google recommended Brick Cafe.
I had a quick look, scrolled a bit and one of the reviews was: ” a perfect place to have a good brunch” so I tried to convince everyone to go to Brick Cafe to have our breakfast.

And succes! We went there to have our breakfast.
Not once, but every morning during our stay in Lisbon.


What’s your choice?

As we entered the building we were greeted friendly and given the menu as we sat down.
We had a look. And damn.. there was so much to chose from!
Eventually every one decided to order 2 different things to eat and one or two drinks. We just couldn’t choose between all those options!

My non-vegetarian friends had the scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon and a croissant. I always ordered the muesli with greek yoghurt and red berry sauce (which was very, very good) and a plain croissant or a toast with butter and jam. Their orange juice is freshly pressed and you can actually taste the freshness!
Their coffee isn’t the best one out there but it’s good to get you going in the morning.



I’m just a bit sad that we did not spend a weekend in Lisbon because there seems to be a special weekend-brunch menu at Brick Cafe!
So I guess I’ll just have to come back for a weekend, right?

Rua de Moçambique 2, 1170-114 Lisboa, Portugal

What’s your favourite place to have a brunch at?
Let me know! x



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