Hello there!
I’m only a few days back since my trip to Lisbon and thought it would be cool if I shared some tips with you!
As I’m still a bit tired from this sunny and above all awesome trip I’m currently writing this post and enjoying the photos and already looking forward to my next trip. Oops..


Lisbon is often called the city on the seven hills and I do understand why! From the moment we stepped out of the first metro station we experienced the height difference between some streets. As the streets had theirs, we too had our ups and downs in this Lisbon.
So here are my 3 (or actually 2 and a half) tips for Lisbon!

#1: 24h ticket

Okay, this might be a quite cliché tip but it saved us some money and it might be helpfull for you too if you’re ever planning on visiting Lisbon. The money saved was well spent on a mojito or a glass rosé (so win-win situation).

The metro, a god gift during a citytrip where time is limited and the streets are endless.

To use the metro in Lisbon you have to buy a reload card (Viva Viagem, costs: 0,50 cents).
The prices are quite alright, for one hour (starting after you validate) you pay €1,45 and for 24 hours you pay €6,15.

Now the 24h ticket is interesting if you’re planning on:

  • taking the metro more than 4 times in those 24 hours.
  • taking the tram or bus to Belèm. Which is really worth a visit! See my later blogpost for more tips for Belèm!
  • taking an elevador ride (included: Elevador Santa Justa, Elevador Da Gloria and perhaps others.. )
  • making a ride on the famous yellow tram 28 through Lisbon.
    Oh and if you’d like to sit during this ride? Hop on at one of the earliest stops in the morning or late evening! So you’re ahead of the crowd.

#2: Sunset


As I said before Lisbon has hills enough so you easily find spots that have great views over the city. Such as the well known Castelo Sao Jorge or the lesser known Miradouro da Senhora do Monte.
A top of a hill with wonderful views over the city during the sunset!

We stopped at a local market bought some chips/drinks and headed towards the hill. As we arrived the sun was already starting to come down and a few people where having their drinks at this spot.


The sunset was incredible and the view breathtaking (even better than the one on the castle I think). But if you’re going to watch the sunset on this place be sure to take a sweater, blanket or jacket with you- the wind might make it a bit chilly.

Oh and there’s a pretty pink wall in the street towards the hill, so Instagrammers: make sure to take your camera!

#2,50/3: Brick cafe

This tip only counts as a half one since I later will post another full-sized post about this lovely space.
Brick cafe was only a 5 minute walk away from our Airbnb so we ate our breakfast here every day. And boy oh boy it was so good!

With a friendly staff, a small terrace and a lovely interiour Brick Cafe soon became our favourite way to start the day! Thanks to the good coffee or freshly pressed orange juice and scrambled eggs we had enough energy to walk around the whole day.

If you’re planning on going to Lisbon and have any questions or would like some extra tips: don’t hesitate to ask me!
And here’s a final tip: 2,5 days are too short! Sad smileyface.. 

What other citytrips would you recommend? Inspiration for a next trip is always great to hear/read! 😊




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