God dag til deg!

According to Google translate that’s Norwegian for ‘a good day to you’ but in Norway they just say ‘hallo’ (the same as the dutch word for ‘hello’), so I’ll stick to that!
Anyway I’m just back home from a weekend in Oslo, Norway.

I went along with a friend of mine to visit another friend who’s currently doing her internship in Oslo.
So here’s the story about what we’ve seen and done during those 2 days in Oslo.

At first I thought we wouldn’t have enough time to visit Olso, but we actually did have enough time! So I didn’t need to worry about schedules and must-sees since we did everything we wanted to! Yeay! 

Vigeland park


When we arrived in Oslo we went to the Vigeland sculpture park.
I’ve read so much about it, especially about the angry man fighting 4 babies (yes, the sculptures are that weird). I was not let down by the weird and funny sculptures!
And I think I laughed a solid 5 minutes with the sculpture of the very angry baby (as seen on the picture above) and I almost peed my pants while laughing so hard.

I really would recommend the park, especially when it’s getting darker.
Around the time we went to visit the park there was almost nobody there!
Lucky us! I think we’ve only seen 2 or 3 people there, crossing our paths.

To get to this sculpture park we took the metro, since it’s located a bit outside the citycentre.
The public transportation may be a bit more expensive than we’re used to in other parts of Europe (or Belgium) but it’s really good! So you pay for what you get, I guess?

The national gallery

And of course, if you’re in Oslo and you like art a visit to the National Gallery is certainly worth your while. The National Gallery is devided into 15 or 16 rooms, each room has its own theme- situation in time or art movement (impressionsm, expresionsm, etc.). In every room there are beautiful masterpieces of which some well known and some lesser known.


Oh and if you ever wanted to visit the world famous painting ‘The Scream’ by the norwagian painter Edvard Munch?
This is the place to be! I’ve seen it, live in front of my nose. (or next to my nose, since there was a huge crowd standing in front of it, taking selfies with the painting and so on. It was dreadfull to watch the selfies being taken but what can I do about it? Other than to stand on my toes and try to see the goddamn painting).

The Oslofjords

The most breath-taking thing we saw, when we were in Oslo was when we took a cruise through the Oslofjords. A typical-tourist attraction for which we paid aprox. 30 euro (awtch) but the view was sooo worth it!

The trip took about 2 hours as we were cruising throught the fjords. We booked our ticket at 9h (for the trip at 10h30) and walked around the nearby fortress.
At 10h15 we headed back towards our ship ‘Helena’ and climbed aboard.


Oh here’s a tip

In search of a hotel in Oslo? We stayed at the Scandic Grensen hotel.
It’s a 10-15 min. walk from the station to the hotel, so that’s quite good.
But the best thing was: their breakfast! Everything you could dream of was at the breakfast buffet: eggs, fish, bread, gluten-free crackers/muffins/cookies and you could even make your own waffles!




Would you ever go to Oslo or have you ever been to Olso? Or do you have any recommendations for the rest of Norway?




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