Back in Mechelen I’ve eaten an amazing burger with grilled vegies, a tomato tapenade and a coleslaw side-dish.
And I’m already daydreaming about that burger while writing this. Yes, it was that good!

Funfact about ‘Il Cardinale’ : the ‘holy’-theme goes as far as their toilets! They play actual church music in the restroom, when I went there was the sound of a man choir singing. They bring a visit to the toilet to a whole new level!

Waiting in line

Il Carindale

It’s not possible to reservate so when we arrived we asked for a table for four. The lady kindly told that the waitingtime was 30 min.
But since I had seen so much of their delicious burgers on Instagram I had to taste it!
So we took place at the bar and we ordered a drink.
My mother and sister ordered water with fruit and I had the ‘Judas’. Which was a combination of cava, elderflowerjuice, lime and mint.

Thank God for burgers

Il Cardinale

After 30 minutes we were invited to take a seat and we ordered our burgers. I had the vegetarian burger with grilled vegetables and the coleslaw as a side dish. It was really worth the wait!

You can find ‘Il Cardinale‘ at: Sint-Romboutskerkhof 1, 2800 Mechelen (Belgium)

Enjoy thou burgers and love thy neighbour.
Spread the word!



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