Hello there!

After having disappeared for over 2 months (sorry for that), I am back with a story about my staycation in Mechelen! A beautiful and unfortunatly not so well-known city in Belgium where the river: the Dijle flows through.
This weekend, I went with my mom, dad, my sister to Mechelen for about 1,5 days (arrived: Saturday in the afternoon – left: Sunday in the morning).

It was a short stay but we did not really need much more time.
We had a delicious dinner, enjoyed our evening walk and spent the night in an amazing hotel.

Martin’s hotel





The building or church you’re seeing in the picture on the right was our hotel for saturdaynight.
Martin’s Paterhof‘ is one of the many beautiful hotels of Martin’s hotels.

As I have never slept in a church before, (have you?) it was such an amazing and unique experience.
My sister and I shared a room, double bed, 2 chairs and a beautiful stained glass window (which was the eye-catcher of our room).

We checked in and went for a walk in Mechelen. Since my mother and father have been in Mechelen before they guided us and led us to a very cosy café ‘De Gouden Vis’.
We had a few drinks, admired the interior and above all had a laugh at the group of young men who were very loud but very, very drunk (one fell of his chair and one lost his pants, I don’t know what they had to drink but they were entertaining to watch).



An evening stroll

After we’ve had our delicious dinner (aka heavenly burgers) at ‘Il Cardinale’ we had (and I mean really had to, otherwise I would have exploded. Though ’cause of death: burgers’ would be kind of a beautiful way to go.) to take a evening stroll.
I asked my father if there was a route along the river and so he guided us towards the shoppingstreet ‘Bruul’, at the end of the shoppingstreet we saw the river and at our left there was a small stairway that led us downstairs to a floating path ìn the river.



We walked on the path for about a half hour and then went upstairs to go back to our hotel. It was, without doubt one of the nicest evening walks I’ve had.

I’ve discovered that you don’t really have to go far to have a nice citytrip or to have a vacation-feeling. I really enjoyed this ‘stay-cation’ in Mechelen.

Would you visit Mechelen or have you ever visited Mechelen?



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