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Last night I was thinking to myself…I do not travel all the time (unfortunately) but I do eat a lot! So perhaps I could write a few blogposts about one of my favourite activities, eating as well? And so the category ‘foodspot’ was born! 

As it is probably obvious, the explanation is part of my introduction , it’s a contraction of the words ‘hotspot’ and ‘food’.
Hotfood? Nah. Spotfood? Nahh. Food-hotspot? Nahhh.
I think foodspot seems like a right choice. So here’s my first foodspot, located in Kraków Poland!

Kolanko n°6

Somewhere on the interwebs I’d read that cheesecake was one of the dishes Kraków waswell-known for. Because of that we decided that we had to try it!
Disclaimer: we did not eat cheesecake in Poland (unfortunately). We did eat, however, one of the best chocolate cakes ever!

greenbeenKolanko n°6 is in the Jewish quarter of Kraków, we went inside after a long walk in the old city centre.
When we walked it the heat, old jazz music and cosy atmosphere surprised us- in a good way!

Since it was our last day in Kraków and our wallet of Polish zloty’s was getting very empty, we bought everything we could afford with the last bits of our Polish budget.

All together we had 2 kinds of tea (green and ginger lemon), 1 hot choco, 1 milkshake, 2 cafe lattes and a (see picture above) divine piece of chocolate pie.


The hot chocolatemilk in Poland is (a lot) thicker than the hot chocolate I know.
In Belgium it’s mainly milk with chocolate, in Poland it seems like chocolate pudding that’s liquid-y. But it does taste good though! I had one mixed with chilipepper. Spicy but goooood.

Kolanko n°6 is a cosy, retro café where they play older jazz music and serve delicious cake and drinks.
As a fan of vintage things and retro stuff I adored this place and if I’m ever back in Kraków I’ll probably visit this place again!

I’ll keep wondering why their chocolatemilk is so thick and what the real thing is about the cheesecake-story (is it or is it not a typical polish dish?).






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