Hi again!

Here I am, again with another blogpost about Poland but this time it’s about the second part of our trip in Poland! Yeay!
In this part of the trip we stayed in Kraków for a few days and visited al kinds of places near Kraków, among which was the famous saltmine and the concentration camp Auschwitz. 


After having stayed a few days in Warsaw we headed towards Kraków by train. And I, personally think that Krakow is even prettier than Warsaw!
I wasn’t head over heels with Warsaw so Kraków didn’t have to do much better to exceed my expectations but oh boy, it did!


Kraków, once the capital of Poland is very quiet and authentic. Around every corner there is an old(er) building, which makes the view even better.
After we arrived and did some grocery shopping we decided to pay a first visit to the old town square, it got dark around 16h and it seemed like we were making a nightly walk in Kraków’s old town centre. It was truly enchanting!

We explored the biggest part of Kraków in one afternoon, we ‘only’ had 2,5 days (we arrived in the afternoon) and we used 1 of those days to visit Auschwitz and one afternoon to visit the salt mines. Both are definitely worth a visit! If you want some extra information about getting there, fees, etc. you may always ask me.

So we did what we had to do, with the time we had left.

Ready? Set. Go!

We woke up around 7 a.m. visited the salt mines, ate our lunch in our apartement and went back to Kraków and started walking.

We walked around in the planty park and went back inside the old city centre once a while. Then we went towards the Wawel Cathedral.


Here we had a view over the river, the Wisła and the other part(s) of Kraków. Personally I think the outside of the castle and the cathedral are more spectacular to see than the inside courtyard. But anyway: it was fun to visit.

As it was getting darker we headed toward the jewish quarter and had a drink there, to heat us up in Kolanko n°6. On the interwebs I had read that cheesecake is one of the famous dishes from Poland (Kraków) and yet we didn’t find it anywhere?


Anyway, I really liked Kraków and Warschau wasn’t too bad. So in general my trip to Poland was good and I liked it!

But I have the feeling that it will be very different in the summer and I’m curious to see it at that time of the year.. To be continued?



2 thoughts on “POLAND PRT II : Krakow

  1. Woow zie er geweldig uit, zou ik binnekort samen met mijn verloofde ook wel eens willen doen. Ik blijf je volgen,

    Alvast dank vor de inspiratie !



    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leuk om te horen Karen en het is zeker de moeite waard! Moest je nog tips of vragen hebben, mag je ze gerust altijd stellen! ☺️


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