In the September I went to Madrid, for a few days, with my father. It was a sort of congrats-with-your-highschool-graduation-here’s-a-citytrip! Thanks papa! 
So, of we went and oh boy, did we walk a thousand miles!

I think Madrid is an incredibly alive and beautiful city. And what makes this town so alive is its inhabitants.
To be honest I’m quite jealous of the lifestyle of the Madrilenians! It seems like they do everything at ease while they get the best out of their lives. Which is reflected in their food, drinks and their general lifestyle.


Top 3

Well.. I think we did and saw quite a lot of things in those two and a half days that we’ve been in Madrid.
Also: we had some luck with the weather during our stay. It was warm but not too warm and I think I just walked around in shorts or dresses the whole trip.

FYI: my father and me, we’re both food lovers and it’s often all about food when we’re together. Since he’s quite passionate about food (he loves cooking) we discovered some amazing dishes and had such good meals there!

So in this top 3, I’m not going to discuss the typical sightseeing things that you can just find in a brochure about Madrid. I’m going to share with you my top 3 favorite places we’ve been to and discovered when we were just walking around. And as I’ve said before: it’s often all about food and so is this top 3. (sorry not sorry)

So here we go!


1. Market places

While walking around in Madrid we saw that there were a lot of indoor-market places. I think we’ve visited four markets and I would really recommend: Mercado de San Miguel and Mercado de San Antón.
Not that the other two weren’t fun, they are just a bit more ‘ordinary’ and the locals just buy their everyday food there.

1 Mercado de San Miguel 

The market of Saint Miguel is located nex to the San Miguel plaza and not so far from the Plaza Mayor. This market was a bit more crowded than we expected but therefore not less fun. They served all kinds of tapas and special drinks (sangria, wine…).
We decided to have a quick drink there, my dad chose a sangria and I, a combination of mangojuice, passion fruitjuice and cava, which was really good!


2 Mercado de San Antón

The second market place that’s worth a visit when you’re in Madrid is the market of Saint Antón. This one is located in Calle de Augusto Figueroa, the decoration of this mercado is very beautiful and that makes is even more fun to walk in.



Here you can find al sorts of food from all over the world and even more fun snacks as I will tell in number 2!

2. Ice lollies

So my dad and me were just walking around in Calle de Augusto Figueroa when I saw Mercado de San Antón. As I said above it looked quite welcoming and we both love markets so we went inside. While walking in I saw one of the cutest marketstands I had ever seen!

In that cute little marketstand they sold ice lollies (lucky me), so I didn’t even second guess and just went straight ahead to the marketer and bought an ice lolly.
They had so many unusual flavours so in those 2 days I’ve been there I had a ice lolly for each day (and they both tasted so good). The flavours I had chosen were:
1. Matcha, green tea and cocos
2. Cucumber, rose water and lime



3. Hamburgers

Okay, this isn’t a typical place in Madrid and I’m aware that it’s about food, again. But I’m kind of obliged to share this with you, it’s my duty to serve hamburger-loving-mankind!

On our last evening in Madrid we decided to have our final meal there and what’s better to say ‘goodbye Spain’ than a nice totally-not spanish meal?
So we went to GRILL STOP, a local hamburgerplace and ladies and gentlemen here have I eaten the best burger in my life.
My dad chose something with a lot of meat so I didn’t really pay much attention to that. They had 2 vegetarian options, I chose for the ‘en verde‘ which was a hamburger with a bean/spinach-burger, some cheese and fried champignons served with tomatoes, salad and fries.
And it was sooooo good!

Any way you can find the GRILL STOP at Calle de Toledo, number 51.
So go my children, go forth and spread the word!  

Do you have any special places in Madrid that are worth the visit?
Let me know! Since I really want to go back to Madrid some day (and I could use all those wonderful places of yours as a fine excuse to go again).




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