God dag til deg! According to Google translate that’s Norwegian for ‘a good day to you’ but in Norway they actually just say ‘hallo’ (the same as the dutch word for ‘hello’), so I’ll stick to that! Anyway I’m just back home from a weekend in Oslo, Norway.

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Hello there! After having disappeared for over 2 months (sorry for that), I am back with a story about my staycation in Mechelen! A beautiful and unfortunatly not so well-known city in Belgium where the river: the Dijle flows through.



Hi again! Here I am, again with a blogpost about Poland but this time it’s about the second part of our trip in Poland! Yeay! In this part of the trip we stayed in Kraków for a few days and visited al kinds of places near Kraków, among which was the famous saltmine and the concentrationcamp Auschwitz. 

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POLAND PRT I : Warschau

Hi there! I recently got back from an amazing trip! 5 days Poland with 5 of my friends and it was freezing cold (literally though, the average temperature was around -2°C) but really amazing. We just kept on walking and sightseeing in the cold and thank god for take-away coffee that kept us warm! 

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Hola! Since I don’t have any very recent citytrips to talk about I’ll just share my ‘older’ ones. In the month September I went to Madrid, for a few days, with my father. And boy, did we walk a thousand miles!

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